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“With Searcus you will get a Search Engine Marketing agency specialized in Google products and services. We have a global network of search specialists, allowing us to handle all your tasks in any language in all of your markets.
Our mission is to help you identify and realize the potential of your search related marketing efforts.”

Jacob Hagemann,  CEO

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SEO & SEM Services

Keyword Analysis

The cornerstone of every search engine marketing project. A keyword analysis uncover the keywords critical to your business.

Minimum keywords selected

AdWords Campaigns

We setup, manage and improve AdWords Campaigns always aiming to improve the KPI’s most valuable to your business.

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SEO Task Lists

We can manage your SEO activities in a proven way to make the highest impact on your business’ SEO performance.

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SEO Audit

A SEO Audit is the comprehensive review of your existing website.

Elements are analyzed

Backlink Analysis

Uncover your and your competitors’ link profiles in order to improve and optimize the possibility of ranking in e.g. Google.

Elements analyzed

Competitor Analysis

Get insights on your closest competition and discover strengths and weaknesses to exploit in your own online digital strategy.

Competitors analyzed

SEM Audit

Are you getting the most of your AdWords budget and are you achieving your targets? Identify spending patterns and learn how to improve the performance.

Elements analyzed

Local SEO + SEM

Improve your online visibility on the business critical search terms related to your local business.

We handle multiple locations

Learn How Your Business Will Benefit

Success Stories

Agency Partnership

Challenges For Agencies

While traditional agencies, be it media, advertising, website developmentor other digital agencies, are focusing on their core competencies, a new breed of new search oriented agencies are emerging. The new search-oriented agencies are expanding into the traditional agencies territory and threaten their existence.

Budget Allocation Changes

Up to 90% of marketing budgets are allocated to ‘Search Activities’ and traditional agencies must choose between sticking to their original business model or to evolve with the market and customers’ needs.

Benefits Of Accessing Competencies

When you decide to go down the ‘Avenue of Search’, we see the challenge as a choice between building or accessing the competencies. We have gathered some of the benefits of accessing competencies.

Your Service

All services are delivered in your business template. The end customer will never know about Searcus, so that your relationship is strengthened.

High Quality Outputs

Our teams are experts in search marketing, and we strive to deliver the best output in the market. As search engines adapt their algorithms and services we adapt and evolve to stay at the top our the game.

Easy Capacity Management

By accessing competencies when you need them allow you to reduce costs when demand is low. At the same time, you can easily increase demand for a certain period of time.

Educating Your Staff

We will train key employees handling day-to-day contact with customers, meaning no need to hire new people.

Low Fixed Costs

Accessing the competencies when needed shifts the cost from fixed salary to variable costs.

100% Transparency

Sharing opinions, knowledge, data and results are very important to us. We are 100% transparent with our clients.

A Simple Solution

The more you sell, the more you profit.

Plan 1Most Popular

$ Lowest

Per Month
  • Lowest subscription fee
  • Profit after 14 hours
  • Standard Sales Support
  • Low hourly rate

Plan 2

$ Lower

Per Month
  • Lower subscription fee
  • Profit after 25 hours
  • Medium Sales Support
  • Lower hourly rate

Plan 3

$ Low

Per Month
  • Low subscription fee
  • Profit after 33 hours
  • Intensive Sales Support
  • Lowest hourly rate

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